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VIP Status For Your Program
After adding to the VIP section, your program will always be at the top of the list. We will also deposit $150 in your program.

If your program is already added to our database, the VIP status will be automatically changed. In another case, the status will be changed within 1-24 hours.
This status is granted for the entire lifetime of the program.

Price: $200
Pay With:
Insurance For Your Program
Insurance is designed to increase the credibility of your program. Insurance for your program will be added after payment for the amount and number of days you specify. The minimum amount of insurance is $100 for a period of at least 15 days. After the expiration of the insurance period in 3 days, the whole amount will be returned to your account.

If your program does not have VIP status on our site, we will make a minimum deposit in your program at the expense of insurance funds.


You paid $100 for insurance, but your program does not have VIP status on our site.
In your program, the minimum deposit is $10.
We will make a deposit in your program for $10 and the total amount of insurance will be $90.
Pay With:
Hidden Status For Your Program
After purchasing the "hidden" status, all the statistics of the deposits of your program will be hidden.
This status is granted for 1 week.

Price: $50 per week
Pay With: